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DOs & DONT's



Don't microwave flowers more than 30 seconds at a time as it may effect the coloring. Microwaving longer than recommended can darken or burn you flower. Remember - less is more in preserving your flowers, so work in slow increments with decreased timing. It’s always good to use a test flower as well!



Don't bundle up Preserving Boards with your Wrapping Cord without making sure they are lined up first. Lining up the Preservation Boards extends their shelf-life, guarantees more consistent and flatter preservations, and makes it easier to wrap.



Don't immediately remove Preservation Boards from the microwave your fingers, as they can get very hot even after 30 seconds. Use the tweezers provided in your Preservation Kit or oven mitts to avoid possible irritations or burns. Let your Preserving Board cool on the counter a bit before.



Don't smash your flowers into your Quick-Dry papers when handling at any stage- this may cause delicate petals to stick to the paper, bruise, or darken its coloring – all things you want to avoid for a beautiful preservation. Handle with care and love!



Don't flip Quick-Dry Papers over when checking on flowers during the microwave drying process. This may damage them if they are still moist. Just lift a corner to see if they stick – if so, your flowers are not completely dried yet. Just microwave in 15-second increments until they are completely dried.



Don't put flowers back in the microwave if they are still steaming. Evaporation is important to release the moisture . Without proper cooling times between each microwaving drying session, moisture will just be trapped in your flower.

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