Creative Crafting Right At Home

Hello flower people!

I wanted to share a piece of art I created out of odds and ends I had laying around my house - because sometimes when you're stuck at home, you have to get a bit creative when inspiration strikes!

I had a decorative wooden wall hanging lying around that I had picked up ages ago. It was a clearance find at a local store for a couple of dollars that I purchased without knowing exactly what I would do with it. You never know when these random finds can become beautiful canvases!

Using a variety of spray paint that I had from other home projects, I painted the board with layers for a natural, earthy, stone-like look.

I made sure the brown base color I used covered all of the existing design treatment. Using the other spray paints, a mix of solid colors, metallic, and stone textured, I created depth and textured with the way the paint naturally sprays out. I also layered on a speckled layer to finish the piece off.

After looking around my yard, I was inspired by a variegated ivy I found in my yard, and used the Preservation Kit to preserve several leaves. I thought the ivy would pair perfectly with my painting scheme since the lighter green was a nice contrast against the dark backdrop of my wooden boards that I just painted.

I had some jute string from another art project that I wanted to incorporate, and it all came together nicely. I arranged the string in a free-flowing, organic way and glued the leaves in a way that looked like they were growing out of the string. After I was finished and my project was completely dried, I hung it on the wall next to a great grass cloth wall covering I have in my living room. 

I really wanted to share this “simple”and very inexpensive art idea to show that you can create sometime beautiful out of literally nothing while also bringing the outdoors in! I love the preserved ivy leaves to add a contrast in color and also an earthy element.


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