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Picture It Perfect

Need some crafty ideas for beautiful and quick home decor or for holiday gifts? We got you covered! Just grab your DIY Preservation kit and a photo frame - and you're ready to go!

Crafting with preserved florals and greenery makes for a great way to bring some of nature's color, organic shapes and textures into your home. You can keep it simple and allow the preservations to shine!

What's great is that all you have to do is preserve and glue. Start off with a frame. I used one that I had laying around, but you can also pick one up inexpensively at a dollar store or craft store. For this piece, I removed the paper insert that came with my frame and replaced it with a washed-out, textured paper for a more rustic, cottage-looking background. You can see how the green pops out, and how the horizontal lines compliments the organic shapes of the curved stems and the leaves.

There are many ways you can customize and personalize these as well, depending on the person you want to gift this to, or where you want to display it. Consider adding photos, quotes, customizing backgrounds (using scrap booking paper, extra wall paper, or even paint), or even painting the frame itself!

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