Tony's Story

Tony's words...

The Floral Preservation Co. Kit has provided me with the most fun and easy creative outlet at home. It took no time at all to get a hang of the kit and then the possibilities are endless

I found some discount canvas boards at some stores around town. Then picked up some white spray paint. I spray painted the canvas and ended up with literally a blank canvas to start my work. 

To accomplish the turtle, when spray lifting my canvas, I lightly sprayed over the illustration of the turtle so when I went to apply my flowers, I could use the illustration as a guide for the shape of the turtle 

For the sunflower piece, I found that individual petals preserve very easily and can be used for just about anything. I wanted to explore the idea of deconstructing the flowers 

The purple flower piece was inspired by Van Gogh's famous almond blossom painting. Once preserved, those flowers lent themselves to that shape and filled the canvas simply and nicely. 

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