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Wonderful Wildflower Wall Decor

Bring the beautiful outdoors and nature into your home and onto your walls! All you need are some local neighborhood flowers and weeds, your Floral Preservation DIY Preservation Kit, and a canvas to get started.

What’s great about wildflowers is that they take less time in the microwave because they have very little moisture, making it an easy, fast and fun project that anyone can do - especially compared to the 2-3 weeks regular flower pressing methods would take.

The adventure of gathering the wildflowers and weeds in various parks and meadows makes for a great family activity. Once at home, everyone can partake in preserving the flowers and creating their own art project, so that the memories of spending time together and the art piece both can be enjoy over and over again.

When getting started, I decided how to lay out the composition first by starting with a flower in the middle of the canvas, perhaps with the largest one as a focal point. As I placed other flowers, I would fill in the gaps with smaller flowers - all while keeping in mind to spread the colors evenly and trimming off stems or buds as needed. It’s like a big puzzle of finding or making the right pieces to fill in the spaces - so don't toss those clippings away, as you may want them to fill in some of these gaps!

Once I was happy with the overall composition and color flow, I picked up each piece individually, placed a tiny spot of hot glue onto the canvas where that piece was removed, and quickly placed back that piece onto the glue spot. I kept working in this way until all pieces are glued down securely. For larger pieces such as a flower with a long stem, consider using two spots of glue - one for the flower bud and one for the stem near its base.

My tweezers were the perfect tool for this project, as all of my wildflowers were on the smaller size and some were brittle and dry, and handling with fingers may cause more damage. They were crucial in placement and also helping in compositions with tighter arrangements.

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