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Preserving Previously Dried Arrangements?!

Our one-of-a-kind revitalization process allows you to truly preserve your keepsake flowers FOREVER!

Flowers are meaningful. There is a reason they are given to us and there is a reason we keep them. Unfortunately, there's just not an ideal way to preserve flowers for the every day keepsaker. That is one reason why we have created this company.

Previously Dried Bouquets are Delicate

Recently, we had the honor of restoring a 7 year old bridal bouquet. This bride knew she wanted to keep her bouquet, but did not know what to do with it, other than hanging it upside down and allowing it to air try on its own. Raise your hand if you have ever done this!

Growing up, my mother would store her gifted bouquets tied upside-down on a ladder in the living room. My brother and I always had to be careful not to throw anything that way because it would rain dried flower petals!

Back to the bridal bouquet....

Revitalization and Preservation

After receiving the bouquet, we carefully dissembled it. We grouped like items together, then began rehydrating the delicate arrangement one piece at a time. After each piece had been rehydrated, we processed them with our Floral Preservation Kit. Each part had to be "re-preserved" and sealed using our diffusing mist and diffuser.

Intricately layered and perfectly preserved forever.

Contact us today for all of your preserving needs!

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