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Whether you’re short on time or have a huge bouquet to dry and preserve, our Dried Flower Diffuser will help speed things up!

It attaches to most hair dryers so that you can quickly and safely preserve and treasure your dried floral memories.



Speed Up Your Floral Drying Time

  • Attaches to most hair dryers
  • Lightweight, Flexible Silicone Material
  • Compact and Collapsible
  • Withstands Super-High Temperatures
  • Produces and Focuses Strong Air Flow

Dried Flower Diffuser

  • Step 1: Expand diffuser. Attach smaller opening snugly around hair dryer nozzle.*

    Step 2: Hold hair dryer several inches above flower and dry using lowest setting available.

    Step 3: Ensure Finishing Mist is completely dry before storing dried flower in any protective sleeve, album or container.

    *Hair dryer not included.

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