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Introducing a fast, fun and simple way to preserve your bouquets and flowers! From adorable dance recitals, prom night and awkward first dates to the day you said “I Do!”, 30-40-and-50ish birthdays and other remarkable celebrations, the best moments of your life can now be preserved and cherished with our new product line.

Intro to Flower Preservation - The Floral Preservation Co.

Intro to Flower Preservation - The Floral Preservation Co.

This video in an introduction to my Floral Preservation Company product line. Everybody. My name is Teresa Renee and I am the creator of the Floral Preservation Company, and I'm really excited today to share with you my product line that I created specifically to preserve your fresh cut flowers and also to bring back to life those dried flowers that you have put in a box somewhere and didn't what to do with them. We can actually bring us back to life and we're going to put him in a better format so you'll have that forever floral keepsake. [00:00:32] The only way I knew to save a flower was in a book. That's how my mom did it. That's how my great grandmother did it. This is a flower. Three months in a book. This is the same flower. The same bouquet started dying at the very same time in two minutes with my process. So this is kind of before and after this one help you set expectations about what this product line could do for you. And those fresh cut flowers that you receive. So I'd like to show you my product line. I currently have three items that I have together as a set. So you want to sit down and you receive that beautiful bouquet from someone and you want to keep it and preserve it. Everything you need is right here. So I have a DIY flower drying kit. Every component that you need to start drawing your flowers right here. The second product of my product line is this diffuser. And if you really need to speed up the drawing process, this is what you need. The original idea for all this was my Floral Memories album. So what do you do with them? Your flowers after you work so hard to preserve them and they're beautiful. And the best way I found to do is put them on the album. And I designed this specifically for your preserved flowers have documentation who the book belongs to. And also I have the sealed pocket. So if somebody picks a book upside down, they're not going to fall out. They may come loose from the cardboard, but they're always going to stay in the pocket. And also maybe a photo of the event, the flowers and the person, whoever. Again, there's no right or wrong. It's just what's right for you. And also, I want to document the date, the time, the occasion, and whatever special memories you have of that date. Here is my first prototype that I did. So this was over a year ago. This is the flowers, the photo, the flowers and documentation. [00:02:21] So I hope that gives you a kind of idea of what to expect out of your photo album. [00:02:27] Just want to share with you a little history of how this all evolved. This has been a work in progress. I actually was visiting my great grandmother in Kentucky. And this is like 50 years ago. So it's a long time being annoying hyper kid that I was. I was in my great grandmother's parlor and I picked up her family Bible. The next thing I knew, there was like a thousand flowers falling out of the floor. [00:02:52] And my first instinct was this is not going to end well. But being the angel that she was, she came in and started having a conversation about every flower. She picked them up one at a time. And she knew exactly who gave them to her when they gave him tour and what it was for. More importantly, she shared one with me and had a conversation about a flower that my mom had given her. And apparently my mom spent the summers there. And every time before she left, she would pick a flower and give it to my grandmother. And you know how music can take you back to a place in time. That's exactly what happened with my grandma sharing this conversation with me. It she was reliving the moment that my mom gave her that flower with her passing, also past all that information. And now all of those things that meant so much to her are now meaningless. That was a really lasting impression with me. I felt like there's got to be a better way to document and preserve flowers and just keep a better keepsake so you can remember them. Keep them in the last year, a lifetime. [00:04:05] So I just share with you all the products that my product line, you have everything you need here to preserve those flowers that mean a lot to you if you like this. [00:04:14] We are going to be doing tutorials on every single flower you could possibly receive. And we'll take you step by step on how to preserve them. Subscribe to our channel and hit the like button and follow us on Instagram at Floral Preservation Company, which is Co. [00:04:32] So that's all I got for now.
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